Application license plate recognition cameras in the wisdom of the gas station

China Petroleum Institute, China Petroleum, China Petrochemical, China National Offshore Oil, extension of the oil co-sponsored "China petroleum and petrochemical enterprise information technology exchange conference in order to" enhance the petroleum and petrochemical enterprise information development capacity of technological innovation, accelerate the digital transformation, effectively improve the two of the depth of integration and network security management "as its theme, bringing together the relevant ministries and the State Ministry, the national energy Bureau from; PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Sinochem, extending and other group companies; and from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the information the Chinese Academy of both Houses project field of well-known academicians, experts in the industry thousands of large coffee come together to jointly promote information technology and energy technology innovation process industry in the exchange of experience and ideas collision.Application license plate recognition cameras in the wisdom of the gas station

In the wisdom of payment link, Special ANPR machine is designed to provide solutions for intelligence reasons of unqualified scene a new vehicle license plate recognition machine, based on the advantages of dedicated scene, custom feature development, capable of refueling stations under special scene quickly and accurately identify the main reasons of unqualified and out of the vehicle license plate numbers and other identifying information for the wisdom main reasons of unqualified integrated solutions to provide effective data support.Application license plate recognition cameras in the wisdom of the gas station

Tanker vehicle license plate recognition machine to identify the identity of the owner to enhance the experience while optimizing Qizhan productivity.
Wisdom petrol station entrances dedicated machine for entrance scene to do a special design:
1, for the marketing upgrade needs wisdom petrol stations, support plates, logo, cars, vehicle size precise identification;
2, for the oil out of the station complex environment support distance (≤30m) fast speed (≤30km / h) support wide lane (≤8m) the recognition accuracy of 99.7% industry leader;
3, mounting location for high and low, to provide a multi-focal length lens focusing motor, perfect fit a variety of mounting options.
Wisdom oil tanker station license plate recognition machine for recognition difficulties within the oil machine / machine next to oil, to do a special design:
1, supports short-range identification, vehicle identification corresponds to the precise oil machine gun and oil;
2 to support horizontal angle ≥ 45 degrees, the industry-leading recognition accuracy;
3, the camera supports flexible set recognition area, effectively circumvent the recognition of non-fuel vehicle status;
4, brand power, explosion-proof safety;
5, built for tanker demand, providing compact, convenient, low power identification module, adapted to internal oil perfect installation.

 Wen Tong help achieve the upgrading of the gas station, smarter style of management and services, and ultimately maximize the benefits petrol stations.
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