ASP.NET MVC universal rights management system source code open source releases

A, mvc universal rights management system (response layout) main source of the following characteristics:

   AngelRM ( MVC) is based on (C #) MVC + front-end bootstrap + ztree + lodash + jquery technology, using bootstrap development for the front display UI, interaction logic is responsible for front-end Web Api, combined with jQuery Ajax + Web Api submit data requests.

Second, the framework features

1, in order to facilitate data reading and writing, maturity, the efficiency of selecting development of more efficient and faster language;
2, using the system architecture: low coupling, high reusability, rapid deployment, maintainability advantages MVC framework be set up;
3, using HttpRuntime.Cache profile data cache, so that the program is running in a higher efficiency, faster;
4, selection of the database, the data size in accordance with the relevant requirements and demand, system, integrated multi- considerations, the research variety of database systems selected for the mysql database;
5, the operating environment in accordance with the characteristics of functional modules, the selection window server2008 + IIS, deploy more concise;
6, the use of open source components NPOI can export a report in the absence of Office installed under Word or Excel document to read and write;
7, for compatibility with more browsers, allowing users to use the interface more friendly. We chose responsive layout framework Bootstrap;
8, the system reports we used echarts open source software, and we offer a very cool graphical interface, featuring a map, and also provides histograms, line charts, pie charts, bubble charts and four quadrant diagram;
9, the system uses the response bootstrap layout, so that the face of strong flexibility devices with different resolutions can quickly resolve multiple display devices adaptation;
10, system based on ASP.NET (C #) MVC + web api + bootstrap + Jquery + MYSQL front-end in response to the page layout significantly improved compatibility;

System advantages:
the code to meet the needs of most developers, so developers can save a lot of time
if the problem can contact QQ: 815657032
technology exchange can add QQ group: 97,157,124

GitHub open source Download address:

System of FIG. I do not released, hoping to help more developers.


updated as following:

1, the new file upload function instance, to ensure that the correct upload file can be saved and downloaded;

2, optimization of back-office systems framework code, remove the previous large projects other useless functions;

3, the new page code JS, compressed css file, making the system run faster;

4, new login page authentication verification process, a verification code to do so from time to time verification;

5, optimize the system prompts to load the page data loading capabilities.

log in page:


Main interface:

Menu Manager list:

Department management:

upload files:

Role Management:

Download Page Management:

Etc. There are some pages I will not upload

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