Recognize their own - technology stack


  I do not know how, and would like to summarize, analyze and look at yourself, the future direction and development of a leak filled it.

Really, now this stage, it is more confusing, sometimes is too lazy, a lot of things, the day before the decision, the results dragged on for several days have not been implemented. I do not know why go back. .

  Unconsciously, have a big year, the program also write a lot, some of the previous ideas are not all implemented. Yes, a lot of inspiration, if not implemented, not that they

By years of relentless denied it, you should regain their early heart. I'm not necessarily good at programming, but I'm good at finishing. .

Figure it, his own record.

Technology stack:

software tools:



 :( lack the technology stack from a variety of recruitment information)


Java :( not how to write, because probably have forgotten, unless certified implementation of the industry and communicate with friends about, or really keep up with the times)


This database :( nothing to say, nothing more than reading and practice, take a look at a variety of high-performance book)



 Android :( this content or more, but most of the source code is just plain looked, did not practice more deeply, because too much parsing file formats .. multi judgment, exception handling, and more. A lot more than)


 Go :( due under linux, the development is relatively weak, no way, not a whole other language can not be justified, they tried it Go, I feel pretty good, especially following write linux executable program, the advantage is still quite large.)


 :( front end of the front not too much to say, Vue I did not see how, but before seen bindings, and use the app, do not feel right for me to give up.)

C # :( Finally it into their own work, although already into the pit Android reverse a long time, but C # is still my favorite language, even if I make all kinds of tools are based on C # development,

Especially complex logic code can use it a lot clearer, and build Web exe is especially convenient. At least in my opinion, is not a performance bottleneck)


to sum up:

  Summarize it. Having said that, the next episode should be a variety of technology stack slowly explained, beneficial to all. Why not do it.

  Win: eliminating, Baidu effort.

  Self-interest: find, write blog material.


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