Personal technology stack management

In this article, I'll technology stack within their own area of ​​expertise to make a summarized. We continue to update this article in the future the next few years.

Defined herein proficiency standards: up to practice project requirements -> Learn to reach a production environment requirements -> familiar with best practice requirements -> proficient

Software Engineering


  • [Understanding] fundamental algorithms and data structures
  • [Understanding] design patterns
  • [Understanding] computer network
  • [Understanding] operating system

Web development

  • [Understanding] the back-end framework
  • [Strange] front-end framework

common technology

  • [Understanding] persistence framework (MySQL, Redis, MongoDB)
  • [Strange] high concurrency framework
  • [Strange] distributed framework (Hadoop, Spark, Hive)

Data Mining

data collection

  • [Familiar] Scrapy / data analysis / anti-anti-climbing technology

data processing

  • [Understanding] numpy / pandas
  • [Strange] High Performance Computing

Machine Learning

  • [Understanding] Linear Algebra
  • [Understanding] Probability and Statistics
  • [Understanding] statistical learning methods
  • [Understanding] sklearn

Depth study

  • [Strange] deep learning technology framework (Pytorch, TensorFlow, Caffe)
  • [Strange] depth study of theoretical knowledge

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