Bridging between virtual machines and external networks between hosts can ping

Virtual machine system were used Fedora and (CentOS8 download )

About configuration of VMware Workstation Pro






 Here we must take the initiative to choose the network card can connect to the Internet, and if the beginning and made too messy you can try to restore the default settings

About the system configuration

The two systems are the same ip configuration file,

vi / etc / sysconfig / network- scripts / ifcfg-ens33 # into the configuration file, ens33 different systems are sometimes not the same can try to try to use the tab key padded



 BOOTPROTO = static # static ip settings


IPADDR need to set up and host a network segment, the two systems do the same










You can get NETMASK GATEWAY DNS1 see above

After completing the configuration, you need to restart the service


用service network restart



 Check with ip addr is configured to take effect


用nmcli c reload

Or use nmcli c down ens33 (each device name)

After nmcli c up ens33

About nmcli using a detailed look

Check whether the entry into force



Are you trying to be able to ping

ping host




 ping outside the network


Guess you like