How cascading public network servers and network companies with free softether, forming a network penetration

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Campus network or the corporate network itself has a lot of resources, but the interior offers vpn tend to have a lot of limitations can not use it everywhere, so do a simple network penetration

Condition: a public network ip of the server / computer, including network host can run

First installed on the server softether

Recount get softether installation packages through various means, and decompression.

Between the mounting first prepare yourself with the environment

sudo apt install build-essentials make

Then enter the folder, compiled

sudo make
sudo make install

Three options are encountered during the installation process, all the way past the point 1 election.

After a successful management tool that comes with the use of softether connection

Add, user, etc. operations in managing virtual HUB, and then open SecureNat

Next is the most important! ! ! ! ! Because to achieve network interconnection, so here we put the machine address to

Such a network of machines, the address is, it is only as a gateway, can be achieved within the external network to access network resources! ! ! !

The configuration is probably stop here, as do the same machine within the network, user settings, securenat and so on. But do not change the address.

Then the machine including network management HUB page

Select cascade, then fill in the corresponding public network ip and HUB server name, user name, and so on.

After completion of clicks online.

In this way it is set up is completed cascade, can in any way be connected directly to the public network server to access the internal network resources

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