Window Terminal

Experienced open cmd, git and destroy (eye injury interface, switch, note the IP address, and other various input) various remote connections, looking for a good-looking than cmd, you can open multiple shell interface above all I want to open at the same time applications, and finally found a Window Terminal to meet my expectations.

Brief introduction

I said well than the official website, please move


App Store search windows can be installed

Simple Configuration


  1. Configured by the profiles.json Window Terminal

  1. Each type of configuration requires a command line interface different guid, can Create GUIDs online generation

  2. Profile Item Description

    Attributes DEFINITIONS Explanation
    alwaysShowTabs Always Show Labels
    defaultProfile The default terminal GUID, for connecting the terminal configuration
    initialCols The default number of columns
    initialRows The default number of lines
    keybindings Shortcuts Configuration
    command Command Shortcut executed
    keys hot key
    requestedTheme theme
    showTabsInTitlebar Display terminal window in the title bar tab bar
    showTerminalTitleInTitlebar Label display terminal tab bar
    acrylicOpacity Opacity
    closeOnExit After closing the exit
    colorScheme Color Themes
    commandline Command line program
    cursorColor The cursor color
    cursorShape Cursor shape
    fontFace Fonts
    fontSize font size
    guid GUID Terminal Configuration Identification
    historySize History Size
    icon icon
    name name
    padding Internal contents of the distance from the interface
    snapOnInput Sniffing input
    startingDirectory Initial directory
    useAcrylic Use opacity

Configure git

1. Configuration: By the cmd bashcommand opens a command line git

  • Open environment variable configuration

  • Configuration Path

  • cmd to open next git

2. Configure the profile.json Window Terminal


    "guid": "{0caa0dad-35be-5f56-a8ff-afceeeaa6109}", // GUID,终端配置标识,每个都必须不一样
    "commandline": "bash.exe",  // 命令
    "name": "git-bash", // 给它一个名字来与其他界面分开
    "tabTitle": "Git Bash",  // 给它一个标签页的名字
    "snapOnInput": true,  // 捕捉输入
    "startingDirectory": "%USERPROFILE%",  // 打开当前用户根目录
    "historySize": 9001,  // 历史大小
    "closeOnExit": true,  // 退出后关闭
    "icon": "D:/Program Files/Git/mingw64/share/git/git-for-windows.ico"  // 其实是安装Git以后自带的icon


1. 配置远程连接

  • 配置公钥密钥

    Linux下可以直接通过shell命令配置,Window下通过Git的git bash来完成类似shell命令的功能

    ssh-keygen -t rsa

  • 配置远程连接文件


2. cmd下可以远程连接

3. 配置profiles.json

    "guid": "{9a138488-58fc-4a7a-b3c2-3af9ba5bc7bb}",
    "commandline": "ssh fengzi",
    "name": "aliyun-Ubuntu",
    "tabTitle": "aliyun-Ubuntu",
    "snapOnInput": true,
    "historySize": 9001,
    "closeOnExit": true,
    "icon": "C:/Users/11064/.ssh/icon/ubuntu-icon.png"   // 自己找的一个图标



profiles.json里的power shell配置项为例

      // Make changes here to the powershell.exe profile
      "guid": "{61c54bbd-c2c6-5271-96e7-009a87ff44bf}",
      "name": "power shell",
      "commandline": "powershell.exe",
      "hidden": false,
      "useAcrylic": true, // 使用不透明度
      "backgroundImage": "C:/Users/11064/Desktop/vscode_bc/ab2bff80gy1g7oxngj7whj21900u0go6.jpg", // 背景图片
      "backgroundImageOpacity": 0.6,  // 背景图片不透明度
      "backgroundImageAlignment": "topleft",  // 背景图片位置
      "foreground": "#FFFFFF",   // 前景颜色?
      "tabTitle": "power Shell",
      "startingDirectory": "./"


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