window activate the window 10

In the first address available for download:

Click to download Win10 activation tool  KMS Tools activation tool

Tip: Turn off the soft kill when you run the installation

By convention, the present exemplary personally how small series:

1, first click KMS Tools activation tool activation link address to download the tool, and then extract to the current folder, as shown:

Activate the tool archive decompression KMS_Tools


2, run next KMSTools.exe, in KMSAuto Net KMSAuto LIte arbitrarily selected and a run

Select a tool to open KMSAuto


3, followed by the step, click Activation (activation) or Activate Windows (activate Windows) to complete the system activation

Click Activation (activation) -> Activate windows (windows activation system)


3. At this point, you can right this computer -) Properties to see win10 activation conditions.

View win10 activated, the successful conclusion of Sahua


KMS Tools tool activated by a foreigner @ Ratiborus, MSFree Inc. write. KMSAuto Net, native single executable file, install KMS Service Available in various ways and create a scheduled task automatically renewed! KMS Tools activation tool can not only activate Win10, also supports Win7, activation Win8, Win2008 / 2012 / R2, Office2013, Office2016 so the whole family, but comes with Office2016 installation, activation key detection tools, such as the activation key backup and Clear function, system installation can be described as an essential tool!

Download: KMS activation tool Tools

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