[Miscellaneous] SourceInsightsource insight 3.5 contex recovery window and window fitted contex

By step: Open options-> save configuration, which has a file named GLOBAL.CF3, remove and then re-options-> load configuration-> load the default configuration to be loaded.



source insight 3.5 contex recovery window and window fitted contex

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The best source insight layout shown in Figure 1:

1, when the cursor to any source code of a function or variable, to be automatically associated content or a function of the following variables are defined in the contex window

2, double jump contex window to define the function or variable

figure 1:

When using source insight, sometimes accidentally close contex window, or drag the contex window in a floating state, may proceed as follows Recovery:

1, view -> contex window, the window can be seen again, but in a floating state

2, the drag contex window to the bottom, the embedded box appears loose mouse. But sometimes this step will not be successful, continue to step behind the need.

3, the drag to the right of the contex window, fitted to the side, as shown in FIG 2

4, the project window header only to a minimum drag, as shown in FIG 3

5, again dragged to the bottom contex window, then the window would be very easy to insert

6, in case the next time this problem, you can choose options-> save configuration-> save to a file. After the next configuration is modified directly by load Load options-> load configuration->.

figure 2:

image 3:


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