".Net based intelligent residential property management system design and implementation," the paper notes (d)

First, the basic information

Title: Design and implementation of intelligent residential property management system of .net
: 2011
Source: University of Electronic Science and Technology
research: Design and Implementation of residential property management system
Keywords: property management system, ASP.NET technology, SQL Server 2005, B / S mode

Second, research

Property Management System Requirements Analysis System

1. Analysis
of the problem domain: the owners can view a variety of information, and the administrator responsible for data management of such information.
Objects (owner, administrator): the basic properties of the data object, the behavior of objects.
2. Requirements analysis
Requirements Analysis is the first step in the development of database information management system is a critical step. Needs analysis is based on the needs of the customer needs description of the system, modeled by defining the key domain classes in the system.
2.1 Functional Requirements Description

Functional Requirements Description of Requirement
Cell information management Basic information management information of a cell and its surrounding facilities. Including the addition of such information, modify, delete, and query
Real estate management Basic information such as real estate and real estate management, including new information on these, modify, delete, and query
Device Management Including information related to the management of community facilities, as well as the processing of residential property owners repair information
User Management Basic information Basic information management system users, namely property managers district, residential property owners
Property Management Management of complaints and repair household situation
Management fees Add and edit type of charges can change their own passwords
Parking Management Adding and editing garage parking information

2.2 Non-functional requirements describe
the so-called non-functional requirements, refer to the software products to meet customer needs and must have characteristics other than the functional requirements. Non-functional requirements of software products - including performance, reliability, maintainability, scalability and adaptability to business and so on.

Non-Functional Requirements Function Index
reliability Maturity, fault tolerance and ease of recovery and other indicators
Ease of use Easy to understand, easy to learn and ease of operation
Maintainability Easy analysis, easy repair and stability, and testability
portability Adaptability, and ease of installation of the replaceable


This thesis describes the design and implementation of residential property management systems. At the design stage, thesis topic to understand the problem domain is critical, problem domain is to find the basic data attributes of all the objects in question, and their behavioral activity, this process is equivalent to use-case analysis. In this paper, we wrote functional requirements and non-functional requirements of the system, needs analysis of the text provides a good basis for drawing UML diagrams later, so this part is essential also very important.

IV References

[1] . Jun Yin .net Design and Implementation of Intelligent Property Management System [D] Sichuan: University of Electronic Science and Technology, 2011.

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