Science open-source projects: the establishment of a new model of light diffraction

First look at the "light waves instead of electromagnetic force instead of friction"    ,

"I decided to promote the development of a school of physics' logic of physics," "    ,

"Calculated to interfere with the bilateral holes diffraction"     ,

"Maxwell's equations to talk about"      .


In the above article we have been putting forward proposals to establish a new model of thinking-ray diffraction method. These ideas and methods not only for light diffraction, in fact, for the whole of physics and science, as well.

This is a new kind of scientific thought and methodology.


Next, we continue to expand this new scientific thought and methodology.


In the "calculated to interfere with the bilateral holes diffraction"       proposes a simple method for calculating the hole diffraction interference with bilateral,

Paper calculated relatively simple scenarios, circular holes, it is possible to obtain a diffraction pattern can be projected on the screen according to the horizontal plane P fringe sectional apertures on the projection screen D connected concentrically.


For those more complex scenarios, such as the hole is oval, how do?


Very simple, we then take a cross-sectional view, a vertical section apertures Q, Q plane and plane P, perpendicular to the projection screen, Q plane, and intersects the straight line projection screen k,


Can be calculated the same way the interference fringes Q plane, i.e., the interference fringe line k,


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