Smart phone robot to carve up the market died halfway? Dancing with shackles can develop

Smart phone robot to carve up the market died halfway?  Dancing with shackles can develop
People for the inclusion of new things are always lacking

Like just the invention of the car, the first car on the road car was spurned, noisy engine sound, the stern of choking black smoke, when people shouting to shatter the iron trash, then people ever thought above a busy road now?
Today's smart voice industry is such a situation, when new technology sweeping the globe is not desirable given behind closed doors, with a tolerant attitude to accept will be more conducive to the development of the industry.
Feedback from the market is an important factor, because there is demand there will be production, but as a new product of artificial intelligence, robotics telephone from birth controversial, the most critical is really easy to use robot telephone. Indeed, it brings to the enterprise is not a small profit and convenience, but to bring ordinary people missing numerous harassing phone calls, just like the exposure of 3.15 above companies, with a probe box access to customer information, and then continue to use the telephone robot these people harassing phone call leaked information, call per day to reach 5000 this alarming figure.
Some may wonder, why not ban it, like technology? To know the technology itself is not wrong, wrong is people, even if no matter how good the product, people will still use it for all kinds of evil, like the above mentioned car is concerned, there will be so many traffic accidents every year, why not the car ban it? Or because there is nothing, a regular starting point is always the product of good, day to night, following engineers, developed brains of the product can not just kill a stick, disrupt the market order will always be a few people.

Intelligent robot needs a large data plan

Harassing phone calls ordinary people absolutely hate, because nobody wants to sell has been. There is no demand has been harassed marketing is junk marketing, how to avoid junk marketing, so people really need to get help, is a good phone robot need.
Establish accurate database, how to determine whether a consumer or customer acceptance telemarketing need help database, the number of refused access from above, do not want or are they not take this type will be deleted database will not stay on the phone outbound data pool which
call control frequency, even demand a lot of customers, long-term telemarketing will be disgusted, so timely, fittingly, it is the most reasonable dialed correctly.

After 3.15 after reports that the robot is no outstanding technical team, the robot can not reach the minimum standard smart phone robot gradually replaced by excellent products, the market is always appreciate the quality is king

In addition, for the source of the data will also be more and more standardized, customer privacy will be more stringent, the robot agents who respect customers' privacy and the protection of the flag has become a market benchmark, I believe it will in the future there are more healthy competition and better products and services to the public, intelligent robot voice price will be more close to the people, the throes of a smart phone robot is also accompanied by the growth.

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