The advantages of rapid software development platform

Ten years ago, no one would think the Internet will develop into what it is today, again, no one expected the software development industry will experience dramatic changes so much.

In recent years, in order to reuse technology, components, component, rapid development is characterized by rapid development platform, has become a popular demand and the development trend of the software industry. Therefore, many experts and industry insiders repeatedly stressed, should vigorously develop multiplexing technology, components, middleware components for the feature, especially the rapid development platform, because it will be a new opportunity and an important breakthrough in the overall development of the domestic software industry.

Development advantages rapid development platform

save time

Rapid development platform easy to use, low technical requirements, pervasive strong. If you are a technician, it can save a lot of development time and code size for you to make your job easier. If you are not a technical person, through the rapid development platform, you also have to develop a common management software with a workflow, statistical analysis and other advanced features.

Rapid development platform enables true low-source development platform, usually built process engine, rights management, application forms and many other useful features, some sophisticated personalization features require only simple code to complete.

The use of the framework, you can issue public light OA, ERP, CRM, HRM, PMS, KM and other high-quality enterprise applications software.

Workflow engine

Workflow is the company attaches great importance to the function of collaborative management of enterprises is fundamental. Traditional management software, but realized the information management data. The workflow, allow enterprises to realize the collaborative management, you can coordinate the work through the workflow between employees.

The workflow engine includes a node management process, the flow of important functions of management, process management, and other samples.

to sum up

There is no doubt that the rapid development platform as a new development tool, it appears to reduce the amount of code written, simplifies the development process and shorten the development cycle, improve development efficiency, reduce development costs, the majority of developers all ages. In the future, there will be more and more developers use rapid development platform to complete their development.

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