Loongson releases .NET 8 SDK 8.0.100-ea1 (trial version)

The Loongson.NET compiler team released Loongson.NET 8 SDK-8.0.100-ea1 (trial version).

On November 21, 2023, Loongson released the LoongArch64 architecture .NET 8.0-SDK, which is based on the upstream community .NET 8.0-SDK. It will continue to be updated and upgraded within the scope of life cycle maintenance.

Feature updates:

  • Synchronize the new features of upstream community v8.0.100.

Key updates:

  • Synchronize the v8.0.100 update of the upstream community.

  • Enabled by default  DOTNET_TC_QuickJitForLoops, supports OSR stack replacement feature.

  • The PE32+ format System.Private.CoreLib.dll core library file is integrated by default, which improves the performance of .NET8.0 SDK on the LoongArch64 platform.

  • Supports crossgen2 feature.

Loongson Platform .NET is a version of Loongson independently developed and adapted by Loongson based on the open source community .NET. The official said that it will carry out long-term security updates and error fixes, and continue to optimize performance.

Community .NET 7 version has natively supported LoongArch64 architecture source code, with the following features:

  • Follow the latest version of the community and get timely security updates and problem fixes

  • Supports multiple OS: Loongnix, Loongnix-Server, Tongxin UOS, Galaxy Kirin and other 64-bit operating systems

  • Support LoongArch architecture

  • Clear, multi-version product maintenance plan

  • Professional team support

Loongson started the research and development of .NET in 2019, and completed the merger of the LoongArch64 architecture code into the .NET community trunk branch in 2022. In 2023, the development of the LoongArch64 architecture code was completely synchronized with the community, thus ensuring the simultaneous release of .NET 8 for LoongArch64.

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