SagooIOT: High-performance, low-cost, easy-to-use open source IoT IoT platform


SagooIOT is an open source enterprise-level IoT basic development platform developed based on the Go language . Responsible for equipment management and protocol data management, support cross-platform IoT access and management solutions, the platform realizes the basic functions related to the development of the Internet of Things, and based on this function, a complete set of IOT-related business systems can be quickly built. It aims to reduce development work, simplify and accelerate IoT development delivery through reusable components.

The SagooIOT project adopts a one-stop service, which can be compiled and run. It is simple but not simple. It can be widely used in the development of Internet of Things applications in various fields such as electricity, environmental protection, heating, transportation, medical care, fire protection, security, industry, and agriculture.



core advantages

  • High productivity: one-stop application, one-key operation, easy to use, and a background management system can be built in a few minutes

  • Modularization: The mode of single application and multiple systems splits a complete application into multiple services, making subsequent expansion more convenient and increasing code reusability.

  • Authentication mechanism: using token user status authentication and casbin authority authentication

  • Routing mode: standardized routing registration method, automatic generation of api documents without annotations

  • Interface-oriented development

  • Support object model , multi-product, multi-device access management.

  • Shield the complexity of network protocols, adapt to multiple access protocols (TCP, MQTT, UDP, CoAP, HTTP, GRPC, RPC, etc.), and flexibly access different devices from different manufacturers.

  • Supports cross-platform operation , can quickly realize edge computing functions, realize offline automatic warning, automatic execution and other related functions.

  • Open source and free , commercial applications are not limited

  • A single program file , no need to configure the environment, no need to rely on third-party services, it can run on the server

  • Very small memory footprint , for IoT projects within 100 nodes, only tens of megabytes of memory is enough.

  • Support industrial computer and intelligent gateway, edge computing is also no problem

  • Support Web configuration , visualization, and large-screen display. Online product library, template library, configuration library


system structure

SagooIOT is an integrated IoT platform system based on GoFrame2.1 and Vue3+Element plus.


Technology stack list:



Platform operation interface preview










Data visualization big screen

SagooIOT provides a wealth of interactive controls and chart components, and the report graphics can be switched arbitrarily, and is not limited by dimensions and measures.

  • The free layout canvas adopts a grid system to automatically absorb the layout of each control to achieve uniformity.

  • Flexible controls  A large number of visual control effects, zero-coding drag-and-drop operations, support for custom styles, and custom databases.

  • Visual drag-and  -drop free layout, a variety of charts, controls, tables and other components can be placed by you, and you can place them however you want.

  • Chart Examples  Dozens of visual chart examples meet various reading preferences and present you with comprehensive data visualization reports.

  • Dynamic data  breaks the problem of isolated islands of information, and shows you the changes in data in real time, allowing you to check the company's business situation at any time.

  • Cool effects There are a large number of professional and cool visual animation components built in to meet your dynamic needs for various data scenarios.





online experience

Demonstration address:

Account/password: demo/demo123456

Get the source code:

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