Inventory of a Python web crawler over verification code (method 2)

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Hello everyone, I am Pippi.

I. Introduction

A few days ago in the Python strongest king group [鶏 ah 鶏. ] I asked a Pythonquestion about a web crawler, and I will share it with you here.

The previous article has given a method to directly request the url of the image, and then identify it, which is very efficient. In this article, let’s take a look at another method.

2. Implementation process

This method is provided by the fans themselves. On the basis of his original code, he has optimized it. Instead of locating the picture based on the location, it locates the picture according to the label of the picture. The optimized code is as follows:


If you are not familiar with requests and Beautiful, you can consider the solution in the above picture.

In fact, it can be slightly optimized here. For example, the second sleep can be removed. In addition, the screenshot can be directly added after the xpath line of code, and it can be done in one step. Interested friends can try it out.

At present, two methods have been given, and the other method, let’s read the next article together, and use the coding platform to help, so stay tuned!

3. Summary

Hello everyone, I am Pippi. This article mainly takes stock of Pythonthe problem of a web crawler passing verification codes. Aiming at this problem, the article gives specific analysis and code implementation to help fans solve the problem smoothly.

Finally, I would like to thank fans [鶏啊鶏] for asking questions, thank [Classmate Ning], [Brother Wei], [Teacher Yuliang], [Zheng Yuzhe Xiaopang] for their ideas and code analysis, and thank [Ineverleft] and others for participating in the learning exchange.

[Supplementary questions] Warm reminder, when you ask questions in the group. You can pay attention to the following points: if it involves large file data, you can desensitize the data, send some demo data (meaning small files), and then paste some code (the kind that can be copied), and remember to send the screenshot of the error report (complete cut ). If there are not many codes, just send the code text directly. If the code exceeds 50 lines, just send a .py file.


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