PlayEdu v1.0-beta.4 release, institutional training solution

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PlayEdu is an internal training system developed based on SpringBoot3 + Java17 + React18. It focuses on providing privatized deployment solutions, including intranet deployment of resources such as videos and pictures. At present, it mainly supports the main functions such as local video upload and playback, student mailbox login, unlimited departments, unlimited resource classification, and online learning for students.


  • Added: background interface | student online class learning detailed record display
  • Added: API|Student online class learning record deletion function
  • Added: background interface | department student progress added table export function

Optimization/ Fix

  • Optimization: background interface | department student progress page to add filter conditions
  • Optimization: background interface | partial page cache
  • Optimization: background interface | interaction of picture selection
  • Optimization: background interface | students import templates in batches
  • Optimization: background interface | error message display of batch import of students
  • Optimization: background interface | player marquee color configuration
  • Optimization: background interface | error message for failed login
  • Optimization: Foreground interface | video player size adaptive
  • Optimization: front-end interface|optimized style
  • Fix: API | graphic verification code English letter uppercase verification failed bug
  • Fix: API|Students watch the progress record and send the next data duplication write bug
  • Fix: Foreground interface | picture upload bug
  • Fix: Foreground interface | data cache bug for secondary login

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