Android project svn code management problem

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 Using svn to control the version, svn itself does not recognize which should be uploaded and which should not be uploaded, which leads to some things about the path (such as the path to expand the jar) are also uploaded, and when others download, that path is for this People may not exist at all, and the project will have problems compiling. I installed the svn plug-in with eclipse, and I can't upload all the android projects in one go.

Android projects have the following file contents that do not need to be added to version control:

  • bin directory
  • gen directory
  • .classpath file
  • .project file

To block them in eclipse, you need to do this:

  1. Click on Window -> Preferences
  2. Select Team -> Ignored Resources
  3. Click on Add Pattern and enter "bin"
  4. Click on Add Pattern and enter "target"
  5. Click on Add Pattern and enter "m2-target"
  6. Click on Add Pattern and enter "gen"
  7. Click on Add Pattern and enter ".classpath"
  8. Click on Add Pattern and enter ".project"
  9. Click on Apply and then OK

In this way, when submitting in the future, these will be automatically blocked and will not be updated.

Another problem is that every time you compile, eclipse will test the contents of the src directory into the bin, so that .svn will also follow, so even if the bin is blocked, there is still a problem with the svn, the solution:

Menu - Project - Properties - Java Build Path - Source - xxx/src - Excluded, double-click or click Edit on the right, add "**/.svn/**" to Exclusion patterns, and let Eclipse ignore the .svn directory.


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