Java open source fresh food e-commerce platform - detailed explanation of profit model (source code can be downloaded)

Java open source fresh food e-commerce platform - detailed explanation of profit model (source code can be downloaded)


The platform provides a platform that unites buyers and sellers. (Similar to Taobao shopping, here refers to the purchase of ingredients.)


The platform has the following profit models: (similar platforms include,, etc.)


1. Order payment

    We know that Meituan or or some other platforms have the function of depositing money. (Settlement with merchants once a month), this platform can provide the same functions, payment function,

   You can flexibly set the payment for 7 days, 10 days, 15 days, 20 days, 30 days or the time defined by yourself for customer settlement.

    Some people may ask, how to make money from this money? Please think about bicycles such as Mobike and OFO and you will understand.

   One sentence makes it clear: a strong capital pool is formed and stored in the company's account.

2. Order Sweeps

     For any order of the buyer, we need to make a point. (Ingredients are divided into two types, one is standard products, such as rice noodles, grains and oils, and the other is non-standard products, such as vegetables, etc.)

     The profit model of drawing points is very simple, that is, points are raised according to the detailed classification of an order. For example, 5% points are raised for standard products, and 15%-20% points for vegetables. This point can be customized.

    One sentence makes it clear: the point of forming an order is the profit point.

3. Logistics charges

      For any order of the buyer, the seller (merchant) can deliver it by himself if he has time. If the company needs to deliver, then the company needs to charge 2 yuan for a certain order, due to the distance

 They are all within 10 kilometers, so they are charged according to each order. A car can hold about 25 orders. Therefore, in theory, it can earn 50 yuan for a trip. Generally, it can run about 3 times, so you can save the gas money. with logistics master salary

Zero care.

     One sentence makes it clear: the formation of logistics charging standards, similar to the takeaway that everyone orders, requires logistics fees.

4. Advertising fees

      We know that if our store is in the front, the probability of buyers buying will be higher, and there will be a lot of orders, so the top 5 can sell advertising space and increase visibility.

      One sentence makes it clear: similar to Baidu's PPC, this can be automatically set according to the background.

5. Extension charges

       Since you are familiar with buyers (restaurants), you can cooperate with some companies that sell catering software, such as: Keruyun, 2D Fire, Delicious without waiting, to automate distribution and procurement.

      One sentence makes it clear: this is a value-added service, and there is a lot of room for imagination, such as: Internet financial loan services, etc., this can be used by itself.


      The technical details will be further output tomorrow. If you need the code, you can download it on github.   


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