STM32 ACM Linux driver added

  • The driver in the kernel is added as follows:

      x Symbol: USB_ACM [=y]                                                    x
      x Type  : tristate                                                        x
      x Prompt: USB Modem (CDC ACM) support                                     x
      x   Defined at drivers/usb/class/Kconfig:7                                x
      x   Depends on: USB_SUPPORT [=y] && USB [=y]                              x
      x   Location:                                                             x
      x     -> Device Drivers                                                   x
      x       -> USB support (USB_SUPPORT [=y])                                 x
      x   Selected by: USB_VL600 [=n] && NETDEVICES [=y] && USB [=y] && NET [=y 
  • After adding, the microcontroller can become a ttyUSB device

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