Transparency and hexadecimal code conversion of color values

Parsing: <#ffffffff>
#ffffffff consists of # plus eight digits or letters, the first two ff are transparency (hexadecimal), the last six ffffff are color codes, and RGB color matching (hexadecimal)
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Download the attachment; the RGB color palette of the carry system
converter 1. The method of the carry system converter to obtain the transparent code is installed and opened, and an operation panel appears, Hex ( Hexadecimal), Dec (decimal), Octal (octal), Bin (binary) output box; Hex (output hexadecimal value), Decimal (output decimal value), Octal (output octal value), Binary (output Binary value) is easy to handle once you understand the function. As long as you select the function, you can read the corresponding carry value by entering the value. Here, take transparency as an example. The transparency has a total of 255 levels, and all written statements are converted to hexadecimal. The value of the system, 255 is opaque, to get 25% transparency, multiply 255 by 25% to get about 63 (it is still a decimal value at this time), then select decimal in the carry system, enter 63, and you can get 3f in the Hex output box, Then this is the value of 63 converted to hexadecimal in decimal. Write 3f into the statement to get <#3fffffff>, save it back to compile, and the 25% transparency of the corresponding layout will be changed! Is it very simple? Hey~ Transparency reference table; 00%=FF (opaque) 5%=F2 10%=E5 15%=D8 20%=CC 25%=BF 30%=B2 35%=A5 40%=99 45%=8c 50 %=7F    

55%=72 60%=66 65%=59 70%=4c 75%=3F 80%=33 85%=21 90%=19 95%=0c 100%=00 (full transparency)

Second, RGB palette Obtaining the color code
The RGB palette in the attachment can be freely matched. Mix the three primary colors red, green, and blue in different proportions to get the color you want. The six values ​​in the small box below are the color codes of the corresponding color matching. !
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recommend a few classic colors;
33b5e5 f8f900 00ff00 ff0000 Original link:             

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