Updating a single line of text in a local area network with a Colorlight A35 playback box

After connecting the player box and the LED normally
1. Go to the official website to download the supporting software PlayerMaster, and download the development document
2. Use the supporting software (PlayerMaster) to find and view the ip of the target device 3. Find "\ColorlightRESTfulAPI_V1.9 (Chinese) insert image description here
in the development document.
Version)\Part of the example\15_Single-line text program"The "send_sl.bat" file is opened, and the underlined area is changed to the address of the target device
insert image description here
"\ColorlightRESTfulAPI_V1.9 (Chinese version)\Part of the example\15_Single-line text The "singleline.vsn" file under the "Program" path The
insert image description here
structure of this vsn file is the same as that of json. How can the parameters in it refer to the documentation
? The description of the single-line text in the documentation
insert image description here
insert image description here

The effect of modifying the screen text can be achieved by running the bat file in the environment of the official case.

Of course, there is another way to achieve this, which is to directly use Http to push json data to the corresponding address port in the code for modification.

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