How to use dhtmlxSuite to build 3 JavaScript projects

dhtmlxSuite is a rich client development framework built with JavaScript. It is a JavaScript UI library used to build a complete front-end component with Ajax capabilities. Users can use it to build an enterprise-level cross-browser Web application and mobile application, which can provide excellent performance and a richer user experience.

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In this article, we reviewed several new demo applications based on DHTMLX Suite. You can use any of the above templates and start using other JavaScript UI widgets to improve functionality through another 30-day free trial period.

KPI tracking demo

Processing key performance indicators (KPIs) will enable your users to track their efficiency in multiple key areas, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of the internal workings of the business. Such a system helps increase employee productivity and increase business success rates.

DHTMLX's KPI tracking system allows monitoring the performance of sales managers. The dashboard includes a list of sales representatives and their average transaction value, as well as a set of charts, each of which displays a specific KPI indicator.
How to use dhtmlxSuite to build 3 JavaScript projects

DHTMLX JavaScript KPI dashboard

After using the DHTMLX JavaScript chart library, we attached fully configurable widgets to monitor the percentage of calls and emails made by each representative, profit/loss rate, annual onboarding rate, and sales growth by region. However, you can add any one of more than 10 charts or set other indicators to enable users to focus their resources on the charts.

Demonstration of hospital management system

For today's medical service providers, the Hospital Management System (HMS) is essential because it can handle different areas of the clinic's workflow and speed up the daily work of the hospital. HMS can automate many important daily processes and allows processing of data related to all medical departments, including clinical, laboratory, hospitalization, outpatient, financial, etc.

Our hospital management system dashboard is built using JavaScript/HTML5 UI widgets and can be integrated into your project to ensure smooth coordination between medical staff, thereby ensuring a patient-oriented workflow.
How to use dhtmlxSuite to build 3 JavaScript projects

The DHTMLX medical presentation application provides two views, and the user can switch between the two views through the tab control. The first part contains information about patient care constructed using the TreeGrid control. It is provided in the form of nested lists, which contain available rooms and beds. Medical staff can use these lists to control patient allocation, monitor patient life cycles, manage patient records, and provide necessary medical care in a timely manner.

In addition, hospital staff can add patients by filling out an online form. The patient registration form includes different controls (input fields, radio buttons, combo boxes, and date pickers) arranged in five semantic groups. As a result, users can create extensive patient records that contain personal and insurance information, communication details, emergency contacts, attending physicians, and assigned beds.
How to use dhtmlxSuite to build 3 JavaScript projects

The second part of the medical hierarchy diagram DHTMLX hospital management demo application shows a medical hierarchy diagram constructed using our JavaScript diagram library. It contains many cards, and each card displays employee photos, names, positions, phone numbers and email addresses. Users can expand or collapse the branches of the organization chart, and can search for necessary experts by applying filters.

Online exam demonstration

The assessment and examination software is designed to automate the testing process and allow students to take tests online. The online exam template of DHTMLX can be used to build a complete educational software system in which teachers can evaluate students' knowledge of a given topic.

How to use dhtmlxSuite to build 3 JavaScript projects
Our online exam demo application is available to teachers or tutors, who can create an unlimited number of questions and determine their type, enabling students to choose a correct answer, multiple answers, or even fill in the blanks. In addition, you can assign topics, difficulty levels, and average test time to the exam.
How to use dhtmlxSuite to build 3 JavaScript projects

You can improve the DHTMLX presentation function at will. So, for example, you can add a timer to the test, allowing teachers to set the number of attempts, and display the test results immediately after completion.

We have reviewed the latest demo application built using a kit library containing more than 25 UI widgets. During the 30-day trial period, each demo application can be downloaded and evaluated for free. However, if you want to continue using our demo in your project after the evaluation expires, you should purchase a DHTMLX Suite license.
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