How does the personal website access the payment function? Personal WeChat Alipay Collection

Individual developers want to use the website to make some money, and the threshold for payment functions is too high. In order to realize automatic collection, apart from finding ways to get the official WeChat payment interface for enterprise qualification application.

Personal payment code to achieve payment. How to do?

Free access, access documents:

1. Which mobile platforms does the webmaster pay payment monitoring app support?
Answer: The monitoring app currently only supports android phones. However, the webmaster payment system, because it is used as a text interface, can be integrated in any operating platform.

2. What are the requirements for Android phones?
Answer: mobile phones with Android 5.0 or above can be used;

3. Can individuals activate payment functions?
Answer: With zero qualification access, everyone can open payment. Support personal Alipay and WeChat accounts, no corporate qualifications and website filing are required.

4. Can I use the webmaster to pay if the website has not been filed?
Answer: The website does not need to be filed and can be used.

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