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FastReport .Net is a full-featured report solution for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, MVC and .NET Core. It can be used in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005-2019. Support .Net Framework 2.0-4.x, .NET Core 3.0 and above.

In the new version of FastReport .NET 2021.1, we have implemented support for .NET 5. Added a new barcode-Deutsce Post Leitcode. The algorithm for converting RTF into report objects has been significantly improved. And also added a new function for converting numbers.

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Q: What is the difference between FastReport Studio and FastReport?


FastReport is a VCL component-available in Delphi and BCB.
But FastReport Studio is a COM object.

Question: How to save the report prepared in Fast Report Studio to a C++ program?

VC ++ :
IStream * pStream;

CreateStreamOnHGlobal(NULL, true, &
pStream ); pStream->AddRef();
System.IO.MemoryStream ms = new System.IO .MemoryStream();
Report.SaveReportToStream( ms );
Question: How to generate objects such as master data in VBasic?

frxMasterData1 = report.CreateReportObjectEx(report, "TfrxMasterData", "MasterData1")
Question: How to load a designed report in VBasic and create a data strip?

You can perform the following operations:
LoadReportFromFile ();
FindObject("Object name");
'where "object name" is the name of the page in the report.
In the parent, create a new object (CreateReportObjectEx) from the previous search object.
Question: How to generate graphics through code?


In fact, the TfrxChartView built on the Tee chart library provides a lot of different properties. We export some of them to IfrxChartView and its accompanying interface.

To set the size of the graph, you can cast IfrxChartView to IfrxComponent and set the Width and Height properties.

Question: How to export graphics to image (GIF) from VB6?

Set frx = New TfrxReport
Set frxExport = frx
frxExport.ExportToGIF "PATH\FILENAME.GIF", resolution, monochrome, CropPages, SeparatePages.
Q: Are FastReport VCL reports compatible with FastReport Studio?

Answer: The answer is "yes", they are compatible

Question: Is it possible to export to stream in FR4 Studio?

Answer: Yes, it is possible that you should pass the interface as a stream as the first parameter in the export function instead of the file name.

Question: How to view FR report in .net format?

Use the FastReport ActiveX control to view FR reports in .NET format.
This control can be attached to the Visual Studio toolbox. Right-click
the mouse on the Visual Studio toolbox and
select the "Select Project" option from the drop-down menu. Then select the "COM Components" tab,
and then press the "Browse" button. Then find FastReport3.dll and select it. This
two quick report icon will appear in the toolbox.

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