One line of code to access WeChat Pay and Alipay Pay, a gospel for individual developers



Individual contract payment


One line of code access:

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5. Is there a payment license for Webmaster Pay Payment? Why can we provide payment services?
Answer: Webmaster Pay provides API callback technical services, not payment and clearing services, and does not require payment licenses. Payment and clearing actions are performed by WeChat and Alipay, not by Webmaster Pay.

6. How to access payment
Answer: Free registration—set callback address—log in to APP—API access. If you can't operate, please contact customer service staff.

7. Is my Alipay WeChat account safe after accessing the webmaster to pay and pay?
Answer: Absolutely safe, it is the normal payment by scanning the QR code, the webmaster pays you just a payment success notice

8. Will my Alipay and WeChat account be blocked by using the webmaster to pay?
Answer: Absolutely not.

9. Is the user's payment through the website account transfer, or directly to my own Alipay or WeChat account?
Answer: Directly to your Alipay or WeChat balance, the webmaster pays just to send you a payment success notification

10. If the user pays directly to my account, how does your platform deduct the fee?
Answer: You need to pay the top up "number of callbacks" in the webmaster by yourself. No balance will not be notified.

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