The latest version of the lightweight flow chart control GoJS v2.1.35 released

GoJS is a powerful, fast and lightweight flowchart control that can help you create flowcharts in JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas programs, and greatly simplify your JavaScript / Canvas programs.

2.1.35 changes

  • Fixed the jitter that occurred when dragging between graphs while holding down the modifier key.
  • When dragging between graphs, fixed the routing loss of partially or completely broken reshaped links with "two-way" binding on the "point", and fixed the position of multiple completely broken links.
  • Fixed the shadow drawing error that may occur when Part.isShadowed is false but GraphObject.shadowVisible is true.

    2.1.34 changes

  • Improved the performance of off-screen decorations and parts.
  • Fixed the worker exception when running in Web Worker.

    2.1.33 changes

  • In many common cases, the routing performance of avoiding nodes is improved.
  • The improved ContextMenuTool.canStart returns false for two or three context clicks.

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