Qusu Future Release: How Blockchain Benefits from Artificial Intelligence

Block chain security consulting firm warp future  , said: execute simple commands from a large technology company to operate high-end technology in the smart phone using Alexa or Siri, one thing is worthy of recognition: Easily modern human experience is a necessity.


The 21st century marks the rapid development of technology in all aspects of human life and interaction. The replication of artificial intelligence on machines is now widespread. As many technology companies scramble to adopt this technology, the market size is expected to grow to US$126 billion in 2025. 


Similarly, distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency have exceeded everyone's expectations and are seeking advantages in competition with traditional fiat currencies. As artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency become formidable fortresses, how will artificial intelligence affect distributed ledger technology?


Cryptocurrency trading


After the emergence of blockchain technology in the post-crisis era, the industry continues to attract a large number of investors. In December 2017, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) climbed to $20,000, a record high. Cryptocurrency trading continues to gain more attention, and the current market value of the industry has exceeded $339 billion.


As more and more investors join the blockchain field, the impact of artificial intelligence on cryptocurrency transactions becomes more and more important. Through the development of fast, effective and fair artificial intelligence trading robots, cryptocurrency traders have avoided the downward trend and conducted accurate technical and basic analysis to make better trading decisions. In the end, many traders increased their profits while seeing fairly low losses.


Blockchain security


The blockchain industry has suffered from malware, phishing and 51% attacks, as well as other corrupt practices. It is estimated that 9 million USD is scammed through cryptocurrency every day. As long as technology exists, security and means to protect users from fraud will always be a hot topic.


Blockchain hackers and attacks are usually very sensitive, and the first response to hackers is critical. However, many cryptocurrency exchanges are not so lucky when dealing with hackers. Fortunately, artificial intelligence-based network security systems are designed to identify threats in real time, understand the nature of the threats, and prevent future attacks by blacklisting their sources.


Unlike traditional network security systems, artificial intelligence is designed to improve every threat because it has the ability to detect patterns, study them, and become better at responding to them.


Bitcoin mining


In order to maintain the integrity of the blockchain, the Bitcoin Mining Union verifies and adds transactions. Bitcoin miners' return is cryptocurrency. However, this process is laborious, sensitive and energy-consuming, and ultimately requires many graphics processing units and GPUs.


In order to save energy and maximize computing power, many mining companies have turned to artificial intelligence-based GPUs. Some mining companies have created ecosystems based on artificial intelligence, and mining companies can make considerable profits while sharing and saving computing power. With these unique artificial intelligence algorithms, Bitcoin mining becomes faster, more efficient, and more profitable. In 2017, a popular blockchain manufacturing company Bitmain increased its business by incorporating artificial intelligence into its application-specific integrated circuit (asic) chips.


There is no doubt that although technology has largely shifted to machine learning and artificial intelligence in general, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have also benefited from the development of artificial intelligence.


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