Introduction to ECC memory

What is ECC memory

The full name of ECC is Error Correction Code. When we discuss ECC memory, it refers to the memory with error correction function.

The error correction here is not unlimited. For example, ECC memory can usually correct single-bit errors, but usually cannot correct multi-bit errors.


The role of ECC

Intel One Picture Stream:


Use of ECC

The ECC of the memory is done automatically, but it depends on the support of the CPU and the memory itself.

The CPUs usually used in servers or workstations have higher requirements for stability and will support ECC memory, such as the Intel XEON processor in the previous figure.

ECC memory has more particles than ordinary memory:

Regarding the implementation principle of ECC, in simple terms, more redundancy is used for error correction. For specific implementation, please refer to Baidu or Wikipedia.

Finally, you may also need to set the ECC switch under the BIOS (different BIOS settings are different, the following is an example):


Comparison of ECC and non-ECC memory

One picture flow:

It should be noted that it may be different from the general idea. Although ECC memory is more expensive, its performance is actually worse than that of non-ECC memory of the same level. This is because the error correction function needs to consume performance.




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