How much is to be a small program platform

To be a small program platform how much, the standard is not a uniform standard, the general micro-channel applet certification, then you need to pay 300 yuan certification fee, this is a fixed degree, in fact, see you what kind of micro-channel small procedures, functions and different designs, different prices. There are three ways the general market:

1. Industry Templates

Depending on the industry needs to develop a template of industry, the industry users can choose their own key to open a template to use, and supports hundreds of plug-marketing, to meet the daily needs of the business function.

2. template customization

Provides personalized service customized templates, users can customize a personalized home page and product details page style according to their needs, while increasing the required user personalized marketing plug-in, so that small business program unique.

3. Enterprise Development

According to the specific needs of enterprise customers for brands encountered in the development process' efficiency, branding, marketing and data "four major problems, needs analysis position location, user experience design and function of architecture and planning, and ultimately provide tailor custom applet solution. Account template development costs to be based on the specific needs of the customer offer.

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