Talk about the exhibition worry is how to tell a bidding into the line, why so many people worry this exhibition project approved

Talk about the exhibition worry is how to tell a bidding into the line, why so many people worry this exhibition project approvedExhibition worry is to build the whole industrial chain of one-stop trading platform exhibition, we will need to continue to integrate more resources on downstream services around business exhibitors, exhibitors such as printing materials, exhibits transportation, etiquette models, Hotels tickets, etc., these resources we will work through the now mature third-party access platform. To meet all the needs of exhibitors in the exhibition a worry-free platform. We do not simply brokered deal, but "severe vertical", its core is severe operational services. Behind these services, the core is a set of cloud-based enterprise application management system, which is SaaS. In this sense, our model can be summarized as "B2B + SaaS". For exhibitors and exhibition equipment for companies, project funds are paid to worry through the exhibition platform, the platform can provide supervision for the transaction, auditing and payment. Our tools via the Internet, the project bidding process under the conventional lines were completely moved online, and through joint protection techniques and notary public, a fair bidding process is fair and open. On the one hand by tender for exhibitors to save a lot of exhibitors budget, while saving a lot of hidden costs and business development costs for the exhibition business public relations company. However, even if we provide financial convention, if the service quality is not controllable, the transaction may also be a problem. Especially in terms of booth design and decoration, there is a long-term dispute between the exhibitors and exhibition company. In order to minimize this type of conflict, we provide services under the supervision of the exhibition line. This exhibition is a worry for the industry to explore innovative exhibition. Previous exhibitors to the exhibition when the exhibitor's own construction needs supervision, but is limited to appearance, the kernel can not see, because the exhibitors themselves do not understand. Exhibition worry now launched a free platform supervision services, staff have to control the construction quality and progress. And other booth is completed, the company only needs to acceptance

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