Alibaba Damo Academy has dismantled its quantum laboratory and donated the laboratory and equipment to Zhejiang University

It was previously reported on the Internet that Alibaba Damo Academy has dismantled its quantum laboratory due to budget and profitability reasons.

In response to this, relevant people from Alibaba Damo Academy responded to Jiupai Finance, saying that in order to further promote the coordinated development of quantum technology, Damo Academy teamed up with Zhejiang University to develop quantum technology, and Damo Academy donated quantum laboratories and transferable quantum experimental instruments and equipment . to Zhejiang University and open to other universities and scientific research institutions.

Currently, all previous content has been removed from the DAMO Academy Quantum Laboratory website ( ).

The "Chinese Academy of Sciences-Alibaba Quantum Computing Laboratory (AQL)" was inaugurated on July 30, 2015. It plans to carry out forward-looking research in the field of quantum information science and develop quantum computers. According to the joint laboratory’s research plan:

  • It is expected that by 2025, quantum simulations will reach the level of the fastest supercomputers in the world today;

  • By 2030, develop a universal quantum computing prototype with 50-100 qubits, break through the chip technology of large-scale quantum computers, realize independent research and development from physical layer design and manufacturing to algorithm operation, fully realize universal quantum computing functions, and It is applied to major practical problems such as big data processing.

DAMO Academy has previously made long-term investments in this field, equipped with internationally leading special instruments and equipment for quantum experiments, and built two hardware laboratories, Lab-1 and Lab-2, with full-stack development capabilities for quantum computing software and hardware.

In addition, DAMO Academy has achieved many important results in the fields of chip preparation, bit coherence duration, gate control, quantum error correction, and quantum computing control architecture, including high-precision, multi-bit superconducting quantum chips, quantum circuit classics, etc. Simulator "Taizhang" and so on.

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