Forter was named e-commerce in 2020 Radar reports Frost & Sullivan's leader in fraud prevention


Forter corporate fraud prevention platform represents a " world-class innovation " , is a new way of managing fraud and abuse of Pioneer


NEW YORK - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Forter was named a leader in e-commerce fraud prevention, innovation and access to the highest evaluation in 2020 Frost Radar report on US e-commerce fraud prevention markets. The report was prepared by a leading analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, focuses on businesses can be protected at all consumer touch points and provides real-time fraud protection technology Forter the best experience.


Vikrant Gandhi Frost & Sullivan, director of information and communication technology industry, said: "With the continued growth of e-commerce fraud, fraud prevention for traditional transaction methods can not effectively prevent today's high-level fraudsters .Forter ability to offer a wide range of anti-fraud solutions, including account protection, payment protection and policy abuse, and by enterprise-class platform to protect the entire consumer journey, so to stand out in the industry. "


E-commerce fraud growing - need for new prevention methods based on trust


Is expected in 2020, the global e-commerce sales will exceed $ 4 trillion, and the online environment is the preferred channel for fraudulent activity.


In addition to credit card fraud outside, Radar also pointed out that more and more data breach exposed the millions of consumers sensitive personal information, and this information is being used for account theft (ATO) fraud.


The report notes that "in order to protect retailers from e-commerce transactions by identifying high risk of fraud, and to protect and support the updated service delivery experience are two key aspects", and highlighted "fraud management and revenue and enhance the customer experience appropriate balance between. "


Forter-- e-commerce fraud prevention in the future


Forter pioneered the industry's only solution to assess the trust of consumers at all stages of the journey. Forter platform handles more than $ 150 billion in annual e-commerce transactions, providing legal and consumer fraud for global enterprises and industries most comprehensive view.


As an industry leader in the 2020 Frost Radar's competitive advantage comes from Forter:


  • Forter provides a highly integrated, data-driven and embodiments can be customized to each stage of the customer life cycle to provide real-time protection for the enterprise;


  • Forter massive global fraud network to enable them to acquire the necessary data, the data locally through a single platform for a broad range of differentiated services is essential;


  • Data Science team and fraud experts Forter offer new fraud attacks as a platform to make it stay ahead of fraudsters.


Michael Reitblat Forter co-founder and CEO, said: "The future of commercial transactions will change all the time and place for the relationship only Forter able to trust evaluation at every stage of the customer journey, and take advantage of our global business network. providing retailers with real-time intelligence needed to prevent fraud in real-time and those who achieve the best consumer experience. Frost Radar leader is further proof that we were rated the methodology used, namely by providing the industry's only enterprise-class platform, help retailers build deeper customer relationships, eliminate fraud and open trust-based business prospects. "


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About Forter


Forter is a leader in the field of anti-fraud electricity supplier, to protect more than 600 million consumers worldwide worth more than $ 150 billion in e-commerce transactions per year, so the impact from payment fraud, account hijacking, policy abuse and other problems. Forter anti-fraud solutions based on identification of possible fraudulent activity in real-time detection of all online consumer experience process.


Forter anti-fraud platform from its fast-growing global business network support, modeling and prediction based on research fraud, the merchant can be customized according to the needs of their own proprietary solutions. Forter also by the confidence of start-ups in the world's top 500 enterprises, well-known retailers, fast-food restaurants, on-demand service and fast growing number of "Fortune", can significantly reduce fraud, to perform accurate anti-fraud strategy to bring more business for the smooth user experience and higher sales.


Forter cooperation with leading brand companies, including Nordstrom, Priceline, TGI Fridays, Instacart and Away. Forter has received $ 100 million in financial support, including Sequoia, NEA and Salesforce and other top venture firms.

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