SAP Hybris Discount group association, the concept of several groups discount group discount record, the user group

In the backoffice of Price Settings-> Discount-> Customer Discount Groups menu below to create a new Customer Discount Group, this is just a place holder, used to store specific discount information is then created:


Discount years to maintain a record discount, discount 20%, id is jerrydiscount_20:


And relations also need a way to associate Discount Group and Discount, which is Discount Row. Create a Discount row, the first two associates created Discount Group and Discount.


Finally, create a user Group, id is ambassador_discount, the group where all users can enjoy a 20% discount.


Discount group assigned to a previously created to the User group:


Finally, Jerry account assigned to this user group discount of:


Now Jerry to the mall shopping, you can enjoy 20% discount on the price: 130.65 of merchandise, 2 fold is 26.13, the next single, eliminating the need to observe 26.13, Note 2 fold into effect.


For more Jerry's original article, please pay attention to the public number "Wang Zixi":
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