ssh remote connection

In linux is a network service ssh, ssh default port is 22, centos installed by default


Prepare two virtual machines: to ensure that the two systems can ping each other

1. Check the ip address ifconfig



2. Test able to communicate with each other

  Client ping

  Server ping

3. must turn off the firewall and security model

  Check firewall status

  systemctl  status  firewalld

  Turn off the firewall

  systemctl  stop  firewalld

  Close Safe Mode

  setenforce  0

linux out of service

systemctl stop service name

Start Service

systemctl start service name

Restart Service

systemctl restart the service name

View the status of the service

systemctl status service name

4. By ssh link

  Use client server link

  ssh username @ server server ip address

  The first will be prompted link


 Whether whitelisted

After a successful link can be determined by looking at the computer on which the current ip address


View Log log

  more  /var/log/secure

  who /var/log/wtmp

Using windows server links

  Usually use some software xshell

  Run Software

Login using keys:



1. The client generates a secret key

  ssh-keygen  -t  rsa 

2. The public key to change the name


3. After the public will change the name to upload to the server

  Upload local files to the server

  To upload a file server scp username @ server ip: uploaded to the server path

  The client public key directory under .ssh uploaded to the server under the root user

4. Use the private key link service

  Through the client server link

  ssh -i private address root @ server ip address


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