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  1. Donald Henderson (Donald - Henderson), epidemiologist and lead humanity eradication of smallpox, the only time in the history of human disease to wipe out a disease. Died Aug. 19.
  2. Containers inventor - Mark Ryan, but also created a first financing M & A cases in the world financial history, World War II, the United States did not ye come in handy in the Vietnam War made a lot of big --4.5 billion dollars - Since then, the cargo ship sailor is really down eight life mold, because they do not have time to disembark find a sister!
  3. Weierstrass function everywhere everywhere continuous and real-valued function of non-conductive. It appears Weierstrass function illustrates the existence of so-called "sick" function, changing the perception of mathematicians at the time of continuous functions.


  4. And different nuclear DNA, mitochondrial DNA is only inherited through the maternal.


    1.The Jeffress Model
    The Jeffress model is a neurocomputational model that explains how auditory systems can register and analyze small differences in the arrival time of sounds at the two ears in order to estimate the direction of sound sources in the azimuthal plane.
    The Jeffress Model has long been a popular model for trying to exlpain how the mammalian MSO or the bird nucleus laminaris may extract interaural time differences for sound localization. The Jeffress model posits a “delay line and coincidence detector” arrangement which is illustrated in the animation shown here. The animation nicely conveys the appeal of the Jeffress model. Due to a systematic delay line arrangement and a requirement for precise synchrony in the activation of MSO neurons, different parts of the MSO become sensitive to sounds from particular directions. But note that the cartoon shown here is in many ways “biologically naive”, oversimplifying the anatomy and physiology. Whether the Jeffress model, such as it is shown here, is really a good description of the operation of the mammalian MSO is becoming increasingly controversial.

[0]The Jeffress Model

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