ae basis of a

1. Import material
2. finishing material
3. Create synthesis
1280 * 720 format is HDV HD mode is also usually are used / HDTV 720 25
1920 1080 * ultra clear pattern
format is 16: 9 format TV computer display machines are using this ratio (based on the picture of the eye can see)
the frame rate resolution
PAL D1 / DV standard TV National Tsing butt
4. synthesis creative Gaussian blur blur adjusting
5. preview video
6. rendering ctrl + m

Vector Graphics: no matter how much discharge will not affect the pixel ratio
v Select tool (move a layer)
H Hand-line tool (to move the entire view)
z magnifying glass (Click to enlarge the place as the centralized point)
+ alt key will zoom out
roller can be zoom
w rotary tool is rotated based on the anchor point
c camera
y anchor point tool (adjustable anchor)
relationship q rectangle tool (shielding mask) (with more subsets of the right mouse button)
G pen tool Cutout (mask path) general matting
Ctrl + z to withdraw
+ ctrl t horizontal Type tool
ctrl + b Clone stamp tool and then click on Find a sighting alt imitation (usually not)
matting compare alt + w brush tool Flip + alt convenient
control points ctrl + p to adjust the direction of
the media and disk cache folder selection 100GB
ae is eating 16g of memory also seems a bit harder on my computer 8g led
ctrl h replace the file material +
New folder box next to be small changing the frame rate
after the change will change the frame rate time
take a snapshot and a snapshot compared with each other
three color channels the RGBA
AE 1. two black channel black with a transparent (clear channel substituting Consequently there is no table) 2. black (full black) without transparent passage of
four layers simultaneously view four calls
ctrl + y new solid layer
ctrl + shift + y pop solid layer disposed making synthetic width size automatic matching synthetic and the height size of
the solid layer is a layer effects
Four types of lighting settings
ambient light other three auxiliary lighting auxiliary light point source (common)
single node camera
editing preferences among conventional in conventional hook to allow scripts written using the JavaScript compiler and
into the domestic general use 25 frames per second

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