Software engineering jobs blog 1

1, self-introduction
031,702,218; the name of Tan Honghao; My hobbies are music, games, reading; I like spicy mushrooms (Bauhinia first floor); favorite "Tangli fried snow"; never aesthetic years of quiet good, just as it was we were moving forward.

2, reading and thinking
2.1 Recall Imagine a computer professional when you are entering the university
you how to choose a computer professional decision 2.1.1 did?
Out of high school for many professional I do not understand, but there are a lot of expectations, do not know when I hear people say that computer science has much room for development, but also a lot of fun, and did not think too much time to fill volunteer, think also they chose.

2.1.2 Do you think the past two years exposed to the course meet your expectations for computer science, and why?
In line, because both help of computer technology, both in theory and practice has improved so much.

2.1.3 Do you think your computer is like a field it, it is an area you're good at it?
Computer Honestly not my favorite, I'm not too good, because I am in favor of liberal arts, I am more interested in the historical aspects of the humanities.

2.1.4 in the future you will choose to engage in computer-related work? If you want to go is a given city, company and job, if no reason is given.
I will consider future work in computer-related, but more in accordance with their wishes, after all, I really like work than to make money work more meaningful and more decent. I want to go to Nanning, company and job provisional.
2.2 forthcoming junior you control people walked the streets before and described the future, you now
2.2.1 feel you already have professional knowledge, skills, abilities, what?
C and c ++ programming, computer theory.
2.2.2 from becoming a qualified computer science graduates in the professional knowledge, skills, abilities but also the gap between what?
Possible short of thousands of lines of code. . .

2.3 is a junior at the crossroads of life choices, PubMed, work, public test, go abroad, there are different options at different junior endeavors. And each path whether or postgraduate work, there are many different branches.
2.3.1 controls over before you read people's experience, what is your choice?
Work, because the family was poor, I can not spend too much time in college, earn money for better distance.

2.3.2 In this option, you think What are the advantages, what are your weaknesses compared to other classmates?
Advantages: earlier accumulated social experience, able to seize opportunities faster.
Disadvantages: possible after a period of time will find that their expertise is not enough to learn certain aspects of their own in the future.

2.3.3 for your choice, you give yourself a junior planning arrangements set what is?
CET, as well as junior each course hard to learn, not simply to get a good final grade so simple.

3, future expectations
3.1 Would you like to order one you are interested in, or get combat training project stay up? You want to leave the level of small rookie do? How to evaluate the students said the last "real experience and my teammates together Tai Fook's four o'clock. Stay up all night together, Tucao together, laugh together, play together the code. Everything is" good "memories . "
for me, memories may be only two situations: he liked to do very enjoyable thing; to live together with their favorite people.
3.2 In response to these problems (2), (3), (4), this course you expect that? You intend average, how many hours a week to come up with on this course in order to reach your expectations and your goals (2) or (3) or (4) of?
I look forward to software engineering hope that it will allow me to become more powerful, than I can progress past. Since I am a person who loves to learn, or can come up with three hours of spare time in this class per week.

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