The method of mounting mysql database ubuntu

  ubuntu based on free open source desktop PC operating system linux, and very fit Intel's ultra-pole of this positioning, support x86,64 bit and ppc architecture. A popular Linux operating system, is not only easy to use, and compatibility with Windows and is very good. So how do you install it in ubuntu in mysql database?

  In ubuntu There are two main ways to install mysql:

  1. Open the Ubuntu Software Center, search box at the top right of inquiry mysql, and then select MySQL Server, click install.

  2. Use the command to install mysql, after all, Ubuntu-based system is mainly based command thing.

  Open a terminal ubuntu executing: sudo APT-GET-install MySQL Server

  Then you can see a series of execution, wait for a while installation is complete.

  Below enter mysql, like cmd, MySQL -h localhost - U root -p and enter the sudo password.

  This ubuntu into the database, and then the operation is the normal operation of the database.

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