Solve the Google Chrome browser automatically filled not address the right questions

    Have been using the Chrome browser, but since the upgrade to version 75, was found in the browser address bar auto-fill feature performance is very strange, for example, often use Baidu, before entering ba will automatically fill, but will find that after every update automatically filled in once the content is very strange, is no longer the URL of your most frequently used.

    Search a bit and found that Chrome might be a bug, only in the newer version appears, you can close the "Omnibox Google Drive Document suggestions" feature to temporarily resolve the specific method is:

    In the address bar, type chrome: // flags, open the Settings page, enter Omnibox Google Drive Document suggestions above the search box and search, will search out the settings set to Disabled, and then restart the browser.

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    Reboot and try again to enter, everything is back to normal.

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