Mainstream rights framework and introduce technology selection to explain

Mainstream rights framework: Apache Shiro, spring Security

What is spring Security: introducing the official website

Official website: https: //
Spring Security is able to provide a secure access control declarative security framework Spring-based solutions for enterprise applications.
It provides a set can be configured in the Spring Bean application context, full use Spring IoC, DI (Inversion of Control Inversion of Control, DI: Dependency Injection dependency injection) and the AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) function provides for the application declarative security access control functions, reducing the enterprise system security controls writing a lot of code duplication of work.
Sentence: Spring Security, formerly known as Acegi Security, Spring project is set to provide secure authentication services framework

 What is Apache Shiro: introducing the official website

Official website: https: //

Apache Shiro is a powerful and easy to use Java security framework for authentication, authorization, password and session management.
Shiro's easy to understand the use of the API, you can quickly and easily access any application, from the smallest to the largest mobile network applications and enterprise applications.
Saying: Shiro is a powerful and easy to use Java security framework that provides authentication, authorization, encryption and session management functions

Two advantages and disadvantages, how should choose

Apache Shiro than Spring Security, the former is easier to use

Shiro powerful, simple, flexible, not bound with any framework or container that can run independently

 Spring Security is better support for Spring system, the system is difficult to develop outside of the Spring

SpringSecutiry support Oauth authentication,Shiro need to implement


Summary: No one who is more than two frames, roughly the same function, the novice usually the first recommendation Shiro, learning will be easy to point


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