Ansys modeling from the complete set of learned

Record some tips about where to build and complete set of model



Load is applied, the boundary condition


After solving, reading certain amount of output to a file

(Delete CP)

Qing grid, delete the model

* enddo


How to read the model, the value of fixed position nodes?

1. If the node number of the invariant point fixed position, each time the read node number

2. No change nodes, this can only be elected by the position of the point

The NSEL, S, the LOC, X-, 0 , 0           ! = Select X 0 , Z = 0 is a row Node
* GET , Xmin, the Node, 0 , NUM, min! Xmin is the minimum number of these Node
 * GET , numx, the Node, 0 , COUNT! NUM there are several Node
 * Dim, xarry, Array, 1 , numx! Defined a 1 * array size num
xarry ( . 1 , . 1 ) = Xmin! deposit Node ID
xx = Xmin! or deposit number
 * do , i, 2 , numx
    xarry ( 1 , i) = xx
 * enddo! The net effect is Node from small to large numbers in an array in xarry

* Source Code

If you only choose a point, are elected, you will be able to get a get

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