Open source code analysis BugNet research (January 14, 2008 update Chapter I BugNet Profile Completed)

BugNet analysis of open source

Writing Objective: BugNet is a good C # open source projects and research I recently ASP.NET AJAX and achieve the very match, so I hope to improve through its own analysis of the design of Web Applicaiton application level, the learning course record to share with everyone.

This topic is divided into the following sections

1.BugNet profile

2.BugNet Codes, compilation

organization 3.BugNet code file

4. Analysis embodied BugNet database

5. Analysis of the specific implementation of the data access layer BugNet

6. Analysis BugNet Yewuluojiceng the specific implementation

7. embodied performance analysis BugNet layer

8. analysis of the specific implementation BugNet manage

embodied 9. analysis of reporting BugNet

10. Component analysis BugNet HttpModule.Authentication

11. the analysis BugNet sub HttpModule.MailBoxReader

12 is. yourself achieve BugNet database

13. the data access layer yourself BugNet the

14-yourself business logic implemented in BugNet

15. yourself achieve the presentation layer of BugNet

16. management BugNet yourself achieve a background of

17-yourself achieve BugNet the report features

18-yourself achieve the sub HttpModule.Authentication BugNet

19. yourself to achieve BugNet subprojects HttpModule.MailBoxReader

20. The final summary

first to write a catalog, complete the next eleven

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