BugNet User Guide

BugNet User Guide 1


1. How to know my task after entering the bugnet system?

After logging in to the system, select My Issues, you can see your tickets, which is what you need to confirm. After processing, transfer to the next person, so that a single order is completed.

See the figure below for details.

Further explanation:

(1). Looking at Assigned to you on the left, there are 2 orders assigned to you.

  Created by you: indicates a single created by yourself

  Owned by you: indicates a slip that belongs to you, this slip is completely controlled by you

  Monitored by you: indicates a single monitor by yourself

  Closed by you: indicates an order opened by yourself and closed (Closed) after completion.

  Click View Issues, select the corresponding order, you can see the corresponding order.

  If the submitted order is public, a user can see all the orders in a project, including others, and closed ones.

  (2). Single state

  Open: just opened

  In Progress: An in-progress order. If an order is transferred to itself and it is being processed after it is seen, you can change the status to In Progess, indicating that the order is being processed.

  Waiting: Waiting order. For example, after processing, you need someone to confirm, you can transfer the order to the corresponding person, and change the status to waiting.

  Resolved: The order has been resolved. The problem has been solved, you can change the state to resolved. However, it is generally not directly changed to Closed. Because this problem may not be resolved, so put it for a week or two before changing to closed.

  Closed: The closed order. This order is completely resolved.

  Canceled: Discarded order. It means this single error, no need to deal with, just give up.

  Re-Open: Reopen the order. The closed order can be reopened if it needs to be processed again.



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