IPhone XR 2 gas into the longest history of the battery, the capacity of a single cell 3,110mAh


iPhone XR 2

  South Korean media recently reported that TheElec, China battery manufacturers New Energy Technology (ATL) to begin production of a new Apple battery for iPhone XR is expected to be the successor, and the charge of the battery pack is another Chinese company Maple Appliance Industrial. It is reported that this new capacity battery is 3,110mAh, 2,942mAh than the iPhone XR using the battery capacity increased by more than 5%, so that all iPhone iPhone XR 2 to become the single largest capacity of a battery.

  IPhone XS Max current with 3,171mAh battery, digital XR greater capacity than the iPhone 2, but the former are connected to both the primary battery made by two, the latter is a single cell. Website TheElec refers only temporarily iPhone XR to start production of battery 2, iPhone XS and XS Max successor models of the battery has not been reported that mass production.

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  Apple first introduced the iPhone X technology two batteries connected, until only for MacBook and iPad, the iPhone and the battery shape increased from I to L-shaped form, some experts said I-shaped electronic relatively safe and stable, more suitable mass production.

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