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For many years the work of programmers, future career development is nothing more than to continue technical expertise, management restructuring and promotion architect three options. So how can a programmer promotion for outstanding high-paying architect?

Outstanding architects need to have the kind of quality

He served three years of full-stack technology architect Mr. Liu said: "Although the architect is often necessary to do some division of work, involving a number of management levels, but in my opinion, it is not complete management, better communication skills and test his design capabilities. "

No matter what kind of business is to recruit architects will be required to have many years of experience, there have been project development experience, fluent in several programming language and is familiar with the database. Summed up the architect's main responsibilities are the following four points -

1 identify needs

Architect user needs to know, to understand what users really want, which allows architects and analysts must be constant communication, repeatedly confirmed requirements specification, in order to ensure the accuracy of his clear user needs.

Project Manager Mr. Liu said in an interview: "Architects can communicate with many people, such as developers, such as our project manager, and sometimes even the user's own architecture design purpose is very clear, what purpose is it digging user needs.?. "

2 system decomposition

After approval requirements specification architects, architects have made it clear what is user demand is that this time they look at the architect's ability to break down. By 100offer recruits full-stack technology architect Chow from "vertical decomposition" and "lateral decomposition" and we showed what the system decomposition -

"Decomposition generally divided into longitudinal and transverse exploded, longitudinal hierarchical decomposition of the entire system, so that the overall system will break down into a lower level subsystems and components. After lateral exploded into different layers or logical service system, logical layer block, determining a relationship between the layers. "

3 technology selection

After the system break down, software architect will eventually form the overall architecture, then, it is the duty of the architect technology selection.

"In the end with the front end of a thin client or rich client it? Database with MySQL or MSSQL or Oracle do they?" Architect Mr. Zhang said in an interview, said, "In the understanding of user needs, the complete decomposition of the system, technical election type is a very important part, put forward in all directions, I will be assessed. However, many people think that architects have the power to decide, not really, no architect film version of powers, the decision to do the project manager. "

Architect in technology selection stage will provide guidance to the project manager, project manager and then to weigh the budget, schedule, manpower, resources and other aspects, the final confirmation.

4 to develop technical specifications

Architect is a "soul" in the project development process, and to have the ability and know how to coordinate the organization personnel division.

Stage in the development of technical specifications, architect to coordinate from all developers, architects often maintain communication with the technical specifications and developers, allowing developers from various perspective to observe, understand they are responsible for modules or subsystems, ensure that developers can implement various functions in accordance with the architectural intent.

In the understanding of the responsibilities of architects, let's look at what the architect has the ability to become a company in a "soul." We first look at the survey data -

37% of respondents believe that the most important architect's design capabilities and technical importance of strength came in the second accounted for 24%, communication skills are ranked third, accounting for 14%, management capacity and in the eyes of most architects not the most important, accounting for only 7%. This time, we analyzed the ability of the top three.

1 design capacity - good meta-analysis

Architecture is a process, not results.

Architecture is the architect insight into the process of internal structures, principles, laws and logic, the architect to achieve a clear understanding of the system, as well as succinct description, which is the ability to analyze integration.

An architect must have strong analytical skills, to do according to the product goals and objectives, clear analysis and product positioning products business, and then integrate the use of existing technologies, and to find the best solution, and product concepts.

2 technical strength - to achieve product planning

Architect first of all to write code clear and easy to understand, to be able to realize the function, do not Bug, which requires the architect must have mastered at least one language.

This is the most important, every good architect, must be an excellent programmer. Architect is not purely management position, for those who love to write all kinds of documents, drawing flowcharts, from the code, just saying no, high above the architects, programmers often call them --PPT architect.

Do not understand the programming of the architect's career must have been short-lived, in any case can not cart before the horse, in order to achieve their career planning, skills can not be abandoned itself, technology is the most basic ability to architect survival.

So, do not recommend people do not love programming architect for team work and personal development, it will bring bad consequences.

3 communication skills - able horizontal communication

Architects must be involved in the whole process of project development, including the identification of needs, system decomposition, architecture design, technology selection, development of technical specifications, system implementation, integration testing and deployment of the various stages in the course of this series, with the architect will department communication.

A product will be multi-sectoral collaboration, architect in which communication is extremely important, a direct impact on production schedules and quality. Architects and developers not only to communicate, but also and project managers, analysts and even user communication, to realize the possibilities of products.

So, for the architect is concerned, not only the technical requirements, as well as capable of horizontal communication requirements.

Development Status architect

To become an architect is one career path programmers, architects what job prospects are also of interest to programmers, 100offer interviewed several architects, to make correlation analysis "of current development architect" of. First of all, we want to take a look at how architects sized companies -

Can be found start-up company is not favored by architects, architects prefer to enter the company of a certain size has a mature industry lines for development.

Next, we collected a number of architects received an invitation to interview nearly a year on 100offer to -

As can be seen, the past year, demand for enterprise architects are gradually rising. After understand the business needs, let us look at the architect's revenue -

The above data is two years through 100offer recruited architect annual salary, 200,000 and 600,000 less than 3% each, 200000-300000, 300000-400000 each accounted for 22%, from 400,000 to 500,000 the largest proportion, up to 34 percent, from the status quo annual salary of view, belongs to architect high-paying career.

Dan Zhao lucrative career often enormous pressure, for architects, the greatest difficulty they face in their work, what is it -

Harmonize human interests accounted for 35% management division accounted for 26%, those with the "people" related content become the biggest difficulties faced by architects at work. For people who can become an architect, if not PPT architect, basically have the architects of the most important in terms of design capabilities and programming skills, so the most important and sometimes not the most difficult.

They must think clearly what users need most is a good project and coordinate the relationship between the interests of internal staff, not good at dealing with for many programmers, coordination and management did become their most troublesome problem.

Architects surveyed said that when faced with problems caused by coordination and management, not anxious, between the interests of coordination, management and distribution of the workload itself is a work requires a lot of practice in order to have a productive thing, success architects often choose to start from the reduced pressure, and the coordination and management, in their view, is a natural thing.

Whether business needs, or salary level, from the status quo, the architect of all aspects of treatment are better, the same, multi-sectoral coordination and multi-line deployment also gives them tremendous pressure. Not difficult to see development situation is more optimistic architect, architect either status, pay or the future, we have the advantage.

Not every programmer must turn management become even CTO CEO, nor is every programmer must become architects, programmers each have a different direction.

From the programmer to architect, it is a great career change, career planning is a lot of programmers route.

The surveyed architects, most of them are at work ten years after the transition from a programmer for architects, almost all high-paying architect, you know how many doors mainstream programming languages ​​such as C ++, Java, python, etc., in order architecture no limitation of the system can also be used, such as MySQL, sqlserver, sybase, jracle, infomix other database, they also understand the file system characteristics, such as NFS, GFS, NTDFS, XFS, and even did a few years the development of windows, is these experiences, they created a good architect.

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