Selection of front-end technology

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learning target:

Master the use of Vue.js in actual combat

Learn to use Vue.js complete development of mobile App end

Society of components, modular development approach

Learning Content:

Vue.js framework introduced

Vue-cli Scaffolding framework code base

vue-router routing official plug-in management

Communication vue-resource Ajax

Webpack build tools

es6 + eslint eslint: es6 code style checking tool




Common end mobile development skills

flex elastic layout

css stickyfooter

Cool interactive design

Selection of front-end technology

Older browsers phased out, increased demand for mobile end, more and more interactive front-end, more complex functions, from the traditional architecture background MVC to the REST API + front-end MV * Migration

IE6-IE8 does not support ES5 properties

IE9 + Chrome safari firefox support ES5 properties

MVVM framework

For front-end applications with complex interaction logic

Abstract architecture provides the basis

By Ajax data persistence to ensure that front-end user experience

vue.js is a lightweight MVVM framework, data-driven + component of the front-end development, Github community improvement

Data Response Principle


Extensible HTML elements, reusable code package

Design principle Component

Each individual visual / interactive area is considered a component on the page

Each component corresponds to a project directory, the various components of resources needed to maintain nearby in this directory

Page but the container assembly, the nested assembly may be freely combined to form a complete page



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