govcl 1.2.4 officially released, cross-platform GUI library Go Language

govcl is a simple and compact + + native language GUI libraries go, relying on Delphi VCL / Lazarus LCL two trees makes writing a GUI software is no longer a troublesome thing.

This update:

-- govcl --

  • Repair: liblcl Some controls do not use Windows Theme questions correctly under Windows.
  • Added: winpackage adds API Windows:  EnumWindows, EnumChildWindows, SetBkModeand ListView constants some Windows. .
  • New: Add a simplelibvlc test routines (tested under Windows, MacOS, Linux Mint by) (main test feasibility).
  • Adjustments: Due to already have access, under liblcl macOS binary has been compiled by the 2.0.2.
  • New: Add a new package floatpatch: syscall to solve the problem can not return floating-point results (not supported arm).
  • Modify: libvcl and liblcl under Windows to remove TMiniWebViewborders and the right mouse support.
  • New: Adding GetGDKWindowXIDtry to solve the X11 ID Gets under linux.
  • New: Add a new example: listviewadvcustomdraw.
  • New: Add a TForm ShowInTaskBar property (for compatibility with Lazarus).
  • New: TMiniWebView under Windows Add ExecuteScript, ExecuteJS, LoadHTML methods and OnJSExternal events, use reference samples \ miniwebview example.
  • New: add a new component: TTaskDialog and TTaskDialog correspond example samples \ taskdialog.
  • Review: further improve under macOS TMiniWebview components and remove carbon support.
  • Important: no longer available macOS 32-bit pre-compiled binary liblcl.dylib, and if necessary to compile.

-- res2go --

  • Repair: res2go memory access errors.
  • Adjustment: advance -outresparameters statement
  • Adjustment: Load dfm, lfm, lpr, dpr file access mode.
  • Added: support for export TTaskDialog.

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