"Open source believer" Zhou Hongyi opens the 360 intelligent brain model

On April 12, 360 (hereinafter referred to as "360")'s self-developed artificial intelligence large model 360 Intelligent Brain 7B parameter model was officially open sourced , including three text lengths of 4K, 32K, and 360K:

  • 360Zhinao-7B-Base
  • 360Zhinao-7B-Chat-4K
  • 360Zhinao-7B-Chat-32K
  • 360Zhinao-7B-Chat-360K

The features of the 360-degree intelligent brain model are as follows:

  • Basic model : trained using a high-quality corpus of 3.4 trillion Tokens, mainly in Chinese, English, and code. In relevant benchmark evaluations, it is competitive with the same size.
  • Dialogue model : It has powerful dialogue capabilities and is open to three different text lengths: 4K, 32K, and 360K.

It is understood that 360K (approximately 500,000 words) is the longest text length of the current domestic open source model. It can support input of about 500,000 words and can read "Three Body" in three seconds.

Extended reading: Zhou Hongyi calls himself an "open source believer" and announces that he will open source the 360 ​​Intelligent Brain 7B model, which supports 500,000-word text input.

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Origin www.oschina.net/news/287419/qihoo360-360zhinao