Baozhai Smart Home - an open source smart home development platform

What is Baozhai Smart Home?
Baozhai Smart Home is a simple, easy-to-use, open source smart home development platform. Baozhai Smart Home was born for developers who love to work hard. The purpose is to simplify the development complexity of smart home systems so that developers can Put more energy into the development of smart home functions themselves.
Baozhai Smart Home Architecture Diagram Baozhai Smart Home Development Process Equipment development uses the ESP8266 WIFI chip as the device MCU, which is cheap and powerful. Based on the Arduino for ESP8266 development environment, you can develop ESP8266 programs as easily as developing Arduino programs. With the convenient development features of arduino


and the existing arduino third-party library, it can be easily connected to various sensors. In addition, based on the smart home development library provided by Baozhai, developers do not need to care about specific communication details and can easily interact with programs on the gateway through simple API calls.
Arduino for ESP8266 development environment
gateway development Baozhai's gateway development requires the Baozhai gateway framework program to be installed first. The framework program is developed using Node.js and can run on Raspberry Pi or other ARM CPU devices (mobile phones are also acceptable^_^ ), of course it can also be run on a PC, and currently supports one-click installation on the Raspberry Pi. Baozhai Gateway Framework provides users with a WEB version of the online integrated development environment, which can be used to develop gateway programs and design mobile terminal control interfaces. It uses Javascript and HTML/CSS WEB development languages, making it easy to get started. Based on Baozhai's gateway development framework, developers do not need to care about the specific communication details between the device and the gateway, or the gateway and the mobile phone. They only need to write a small amount of code in the online WEB integrated development environment to achieve very convenient access to the device and mobile phone. and linkage, click to view the demo of the gateway online integrated development environment . login interface


Gateway home page


Gateway integrated development environment
Design mobile phone control interface
Effect on mobile phone


Living room temperature and humidity, air quality, human body infrared and 315Mhz transmitting/receiving equipment (wall-mounted box)

Bedroom temperature and humidity, air quality and 315Mhz transmitting equipment (wall-mounted box)
Modified socket

Renovated water dispenser
Home energy consumption monitoring can obtain data such as voltage, current and power
Infrared learning equipment can remotely control TVs, amplifiers, air conditioners, fans and other home appliances that can be controlled by infrared.

Modified WIFI toy car

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